LAZZATI, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy horizontal boring and milling machines, was established in 1939. Thanks to its long tradition of research and development, LAZZATI brand is globally recognized for high technology and top level machine tool quality. The aim of the company is to create a reliable and high performance product, which can be easily used for multiple applications such as general machining, automotive, aerospace, energy and earthmoving sectors.

A company, therefore, that parallel the industrial evolution has been subject to continuos modernization. During the years of its long history, the company has been enhanced, increased and expanded to the current operational area of 25,000 square meters, of which 12,000 square meters fully covered.
The modern structure of the actual company and the leading edge technology of its boring and milling machines has been achieved thanks to the really high focus on innovation and leveraging the tradition of deep attention to quality and continuos development.

The long years of continuous activity have naturally permitted LAZZATI to achieve the maturity and the reputation to be present as a strong brand on the major international markets.

LAZZATI production is specialized in boring-mills machines, with a mobile column, highly qualified and technologically advanced. The company is owned by a family, from three generations, typical structure of Italian manufacturers of machine tools.
The simple mechanical jobs are carried out by third-parties companies in close relation with LAZZATI, while all strategic components of the boring and milling machines are manufactured inside the company. A wide range of flexible machines for heavy chip removal and high precision able to work the five sides of a work piece in automatic mode using the Numerical control.

High flexibility when machining the units and a very simple construction make LAZZATI machines the best expression of the latest mechanical design for machine tools.

Product quality and continuos improvement are the strengths of LAZZATI.